Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Taking Risk

Tolkein and DnD have been a popular venue for fantasy nerds, not to say they are the only. But much like Doctor Who was the mother of science fiction, sometimes I think that the LOTR and the Hobbit gave birth to the fantasy genre as we know it. Look at fantasy these days, littered with elves and a sorta Tolkein story. Though I applaud games and media that does different. My all time favorite RPG has to be Kingdoms of Amular. You rarely see Boggarts, and Brownies in a fantasy setting. Yeah sure the fae are like elves, but had their own uniqueness. The world was foreign and interetsing, the plants unique.  And the Tuatha were just as interesting. As well I like Two Worlds 2. I really like fantasy that pushes the envelope and takes us to a strange and unique word, with descriptions that aren't entirely to familiar to us. I wish more media would push this barrier, afraid to take a risk and think the public will reject it. Okay so it's not fantasy, but take for example Avatar. It was a unique and interesting foreign world, and us audience ate that shit up. You have to think when Tolkein first wrote his Ring series, he took from old fairytales, and even the Celtic langauge a bit. He took of our own mythology, but built a world that was foreign to us I'm sure at some time. Any writer, producer, of content shouldn't be afraid to take the associated with the medium they are constructing. It's the fear of not taking risk that is hindering the this entertainment medium. Or so I believe.

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